Is there an upgrade price from Superpolator2?
No. I humbly ask you to renew your license.


I only have one master. Can Superpolator3 make the rest?
No. Superpolator is very good at interpolating and extrapolating and assist your typedesign in many ways. But it can’t generate something out of nothing.

Do I need to make everything compatible? Yes. Don’t whine. Keeping the points in the right place is a minor issue compared to the grand problems of type design: weight, rhythm, proportion. Besides, there are awesome tools for keeping your outlines in order: Prepolator and RoboFont.

Will Sp3 read Sp2 documents? Of course.
Will Sp2 read Sp3 documents? No, the design spaces aren’t compatible.

Specifically what data is generated for the instances? A handy list is here.

Why does it take so long to generate? You keep making bigger families with larger character sets and more weights.


Does it support fullscreen? Yes.

Surely you didn’t write all this yourself? No, I stood on the shoulders of giants.

Can you read FontLab files or Glyphs files?
No, but FontLab and Glyphs can export UFO!

Will there be support for Windows or Linux? Sorry, our developer resources are limited.

Will you support feature X? Maybe. We’re always open for ideas and feature requests. Just get in touch.

Why can this just be built into my favorite editor X? First off, which favorite editor? I know a couple. Apart from not being able to choose which editor, implementing it into another application wouldn’t necessarily make it easier to use, but it would increase the complexity. This affects stability and limits the ability to add new features.

I found a bug or I have some other problem? See if you can repeat the problem. Check the log file at ~/Library/Application Support/Superpolator3/Superpolator3.log. It might give us a clue about what went wrong. We always investigate bugs, problems and unexpected behavior. And we always make the updates available to all users.