What is calculated?

Glyph Geometry

Glyph geometry (outlines, anchors, components) from front layer. Quadratics and well as Beziers. All masters need to have compatible point structures. Check “Makes all Glyphs” in the instance popover to calculate the glyphs.

Kerning pairs

A superset of all kerning pairs in all masters are used in the calculations. If a pair is missing in one of the masters it is assumed to be 0. All masters must have the same groups. The previews are calculated with a flat subset of the full kerning data.

Font info

Font info fields relating to geometry are generally calculated. Others can be copied from a designated master. These fields of the UFO2 are supported by the FontMath library. If your masters have valid entries for these fields, the instances will have properly interpolated values. The font info is currently not calculated for the previews.

Basic font info Process
familyName Define at Instance
styleName Define at Instance
styleMapFamilyName Define at Instance
styleMapStyleName Define at Instance
versionMajor Copied
versionMinor Copied
year Copied
copyright Copied
trademark Copied
unitsPerEm Calculated
descender Calculated
xHeight Calculated
capHeight Calculated
ascender Calculated
italicAngle Calculated
note Copied
openTypeGaspRangeRecords Copied
rangeMaxPPEM Ignored *1
openTypeHeadCreated Copied
openTypeHeadLowestRecPPEM Calculated
openTypeHeadFlags Copied
openTypeHheaAscender Calculated
openTypeHheaDescender Calculated
openTypeHheaLineGap Calculated
openTypeHheaCaretSlopeRise Calculated
openTypeHheaCaretSlopeRun Calculated
openTypeHheaCaretOffset Calculated
openTypeNameDesigner Copied
openTypeNameDesignerURL Copied
openTypeNameManufacturer Copied
openTypeNameManufacturerURL Copied
openTypeNameLicense Copied
openTypeNameLicenseURL Copied
openTypeNameVersion Copied
openTypeNameUniqueID Copied
openTypeNameDescription Copied
openTypeNamePreferredFamilyName Copied
openTypeNamePreferredSubfamilyName Copied
openTypeNameCompatibleFullName Copied
openTypeNameSampleText Copied
openTypeNameWWSFamilyName Copied
openTypeNameRecords Copied
openTypeOS2WidthClass Calculated
openTypeOS2WeightClass Calculated
openTypeOS2Selection Copied
openTypeOS2VendorID Copied
openTypeOS2Panose Copied *2
openTypeOS2FamilyClass Copied
openTypeOS2UnicodeRanges Copied
openTypeOS2CodePageRanges Copied
openTypeOS2TypoAscender Calculated
openTypeOS2TypoDescender Calculated
openTypeOS2TypoLineGap Calculated
openTypeOS2WinAscent Calculated
openTypeOS2WinDescent Calculated
openTypeOS2Type Copied
openTypeOS2SubscriptXSize Calculated
openTypeOS2SubscriptYSize Calculated
openTypeOS2SubscriptXOffset Calculated
openTypeOS2SubscriptYOffset Calculated
openTypeOS2SuperscriptXSize Calculated
openTypeOS2SuperscriptYSize Calculated
openTypeOS2SuperscriptXOffset Calculated
openTypeOS2SuperscriptYOffset Calculated
openTypeOS2StrikeoutSize Calculated
openTypeOS2StrikeoutPosition Calculated
openTypeVheaVertTypoAscender Calculated
openTypeVheaVertTypoDescender Calculated
openTypeVheaVertTypoLineGap Calculated
openTypeVheaCaretSlopeRise Calculated
openTypeVheaCaretSlopeRun Calculated
openTypeVheaCaretOffset Calculated
postscriptFontName Ignore *3
postscriptFullName Ignore *3
postscriptSlantAngle Calculated
postscriptUniqueID Ignore
postscriptUnderlineThickness Calculated
postscriptUnderlinePosition Calculated
postscriptIsFixedPitch Copied
postscriptBlueValues Calculated
postscriptOtherBlues Calculated
postscriptFamilyBlues Calculated
postscriptFamilyOtherBlues Calculated
postscriptStemSnapH Calculated
postscriptStemSnapV Calculated
postscriptBlueFuzz Calculated
postscriptBlueShift Calculated
postscriptBlueScale Calculated
postscriptForceBold Copied
postscriptDefaultWidthX Calculated
postscriptNominalWidthX Calculated
postscriptWeightName Ignore *3
postscriptDefaultCharacter Copied
postscriptWindowsCharacterSet Copied
*1 rangeMaxPPEM has an error (July 3, 2014)
*2 The values in openTypeOS2Panose are not interpreted in depth.
*3 These names can be different from the other names, Sp3 can’t make assumptions..

This table reflects the font.info support of Superpolator_developer_140703_1010.


Font.lib data and groups are copied from the selected master.