This version finally ported to python3. With great help from Frederik at the final steps. This port is made possible by all the py3 porting work that was done on the internal packages, fonttools, ufolib, defcon, fontmath, vanilla. It will be a bit rough around the edges, but I hope you can pull some of your projects through this version to see what’s going on.

Tiny UI tweak: the master that is on the default value of all the axes gets a special prize: a green icon. In variable font land this is where the neutral / default master has to be.

If you have any projects that use the Superpolator rules: there have been a lot of changes and unfortunately there will be more. I don’t know how many projects rely on the old rules – but this is a headsup that you will need to look at them. The Rules sheet in this beta looks like this. A rule has a bunch of conditions, each conditions only has a minimum / maximum range. If you leave a value empty Sp will assume the axis extreme value.


• The Rules / Featurevariation support in fonttools has moved beyond this though – these also need conditionsets. These are a great idea.
• The DesignSpaceEditor (available in Mechanic2) extension for RoboFont handles the conditionssets properly.
• So this sheet will change again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
• This beta Superpolator ignores the rules while importing designspaces.
user/password: superdev / hello