As soon as you’ve set up a minimum of 2 masters, 1 instance and 1 axis you can generate. Superpolator3 creates a new UFO, generates all the data you’ve selected. Glyphs, kerning, font info, and copies the groups, lib and feature text. Read more about selecting input and output on the masters and instances pages.

Generating is an intensive task. The design space will be unavailable while calculating to prevent changes to the design space. A stunningly designed progress indicator keeps you informed and entertained.

  • No instances selected: generate all instances
  • One or more instances selected: generate just those.
  • Command period cancels the generating process. Superpolator3 will finish the UFO it is working on though.

Before you can generate:

Superpolator3 needs to have at least

  • 1 axis
  • 2 masters
  • One of the masters must be assigned to be the source for groups. Double click on a master in the list, check the “Source for font.groups”