The design space show a zero, one or two dimensional projection of the axes and the items positioned there.

The view offers snap-to-guidelines for quick positioning of instances. The colorfield is gone, but the background shows the influence of the axes. Icon marbles are colored: you can pick a color for each master and then the instance color will superpolate. The design space panel is responsive: it shows less information when it gets smaller.

  • command L: colorize the masters to pseudo random pretty colors
  • [ (bracket left) and ] (bracket right): jump through all possible axis combinations
  • ; (semicolon): toggle view of guidelines
  • control click: popup menu with axis combinations
  • drag mouse / click anywhere: see interpolations
  • Zoom: zoom gestures offer some scaling of the design space.

If you prefer a default color scheme: uncheck “Use document colors for master and instance icons” in the Axes tab of the preferences.