2018 Roadmap

May 27, 2018 - design / Support / UFO3

Here are some points for Superpolator. I can not commit to a specific schedule, but this is more or less what needs to get done in coming releases.


* Adopt designspace format 4 as described here as the new document format for Superpolator.
* Some Superpolator application data, for instance axis colors, can go into the lib of the file.


* An input field for axis maps.
* Maintain the order of the axes.


* Rebuild the rules panel, again, for condition sets.
* Some visual support for condition sets.
* Use ufoProcessor for all generating.


* Decide whether to use mutatorMath and varlib.model. There are good reasons to start using the varlib.model of interpolation – better support for non-aligned masters for instance.


* Migrate to python3.